jwuLink Authorized Users - Learn more

Do you know there is a federal law called the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (also known as "FERPA") that protects the privacy of your student education records? This is why we will only discuss the contents of your education records, including information contained in your student account if YOU have authorized it. When there is no authorization, we will not discuss or release your information (unless required to by law) -- even if a parent or other person close to you is contacting us on your behalf.

Give a parent or other specified individual convenient, online access to view portions of your status at JWU.

  • They can login anytime (without having to contact you for info).
  • You authorize who accesses your info.
  • You control what academic/financial info they see.

Set up your authorizations now. It's quick. It's easy!

  1. Login to jwuLink > go to the Academics or Finance page.
  2. Under Authorized Access, click Add or Update Access > read and follow all on-screen instructions (complete all steps in sequence at one time when adding a new user).
  3. Authorized users will then be emailed login instructions to a separate, secure website.

Before proceeding, we recommend that you review these additional setup notes:

  • Type in required information, including a valid email address for the authorized user (enter their address, NOT yours). Instructions will be emailed to that address.
  • Define your relationship with the authorized user and include a Passphrase -- this is a word or words that the authorized user must know when speaking with Student Academic & Financial Services.
    • Important: Click to email the passphrase to the authorized user (otherwise, they will need to contact you to get it).
    • If the passphrase is not given, we cannot provide any detailed information to them.
    • Keep the passphrase private between you and your authorized user.
  • Start and stop date fields allow you further controls. The end date can be as far into the future as you would like, however, access is deactivated anytime you are not a currently enrolled student.
  • On the Authorizations tab, as desired, check and un-check which information you want the authorized user to have access to. Click the email authorizations link if you want to an email the authorizations you have granted to your proxy.

If you have any questions regarding this process, please contact Student Academic & Financial Services at your campus.